San Felice

140 hectares in the Chianti Classico area

The estate is situated in the municipality of Castelnuovo Berardenga, near Siena, in other words, right in the heart of Chianti Classico territory. With over 140 hectares of specialised vineyard, about 17,000 olive trees, the majority of the experimental plantations, the Vitiarium, the cellar and the village with its prestigious hotel complex, San Felice is a rare, not to say unique, blend of production, science, tourism and culture.”


The village


The village has ancient origins and grew up over the centuries around the church of San Felice in Pincis, which dates back to 714 A.D. In the mid 1800s, the Grisaldi Del Taja family made major changes to the layout and architecture, which are still visible today. The result of the thirty-year restoration programme is a small but resplendent gem. A portion of the village has played host to a prestigious hotel complex since 1991, which is part of the Relais & Chateaux Association. The accommodation is of the highest level, complete with wellness centre, swimming pool, sports facilities and a wide range of other comforts. The Michelin Star Restaurant Il Poggio Rosso and the Osteria del Grigio  offer unforgettable dining experiences, revolving around the greatest dishes of Tuscan cuisine, accompanied by the best wines from our estate.



The San Felice estate covers an area of more than 650 hectares in the municipality of Castelnuovo Berardenga, at an altitude of about 400 metres above sea level. The perfect combination of soil and micro-climate, together with the wide temperature range, create the ideal conditions for producing truly irrepeatable wines and oils. To accentuate the distinctive characteristics of each vineyard, we divided the area into different zones in the 1990s. We identified five macro-areas, and planted the grape varieties best-suited the soil and geography of each.



Located in fully renovated 19th-Century buildings within the village, the cellars are one of the first modern examples of a vinification and fining plant. All it takes is a brief visit to realise how past and present, and tradition and innovation can go hand-in-hand. Here, the latest technologies cohabit with Slavonian oak barrels and French oak tonneaux and barriques.

Wine bar


There is no better place to taste and select the estate’s products than the wine bar in the ancient village. Welcoming and well stocked, it is situated right opposite the herb garden, where the chef tends personally to the aromatic herbs that go into his most creative dishes. But the wine bar’s appeal also derives from the ancient walls and barrel vaults of the fully restored building. The staff are always on hand to introduce you to the estate’s produce and organise tours of the vineyards and cellars.

Oil mill


The value of oil depends on many, highly delicate factors. The speed with which the fruit is transformed into the finished product, for example, is decisive. And that’s why the San Felice oil mill stands at Villa La Pagliaia, in the heart of the olive groves. The oil is extracted at low temperature, using technologies that prevent premature oxidation of the product and assure the full integrity of flavour and fragrance. Next to the oil mill, you can also see the magnificent manor house dating back to the early 1800s.