Back in the 1980s, before Brunello had achieved the wide international acclaim it enjoys today, Agricola San Felice bought the Campogiovanni estate, on the south-western side of Montalcino. Fourteen of the estate’s 23 hectares of vineyards are currently used for the production of Brunello. Brunello Campogiovanni is one of the estate’s flagship products, and now enjoys full recognition as one of this territory’s great wines, having won a string of major national and international awards.



The Campogiovanni estate covers 65 hectares on the south-western side of the municipality of Montalcino. The estate is divided into different zones, comprising three different soil types that bring out complementary characteristics from the vines: the calcareous soil yields power, the clay contributes softness and the alluvial soil brings elegance. The land lies broadly flat, with a slight southward slope.



The cellar is located in the estate’s production complex. Vinification takes place in temperature-controlled tanks, where the grape must is alternately pumped over and punched down, to maximise the extraction of desirable components from the skins. Fining takes place in barrels and tonneaux, to ensure the utmost balance and that the contribution of the Sangiovese and the soil-related characteristics bring out the best in each other. The maturing process is completed by a period of fining in the bottle.