Discovering “Tuscany Pleasure”

A series of tailor-made solutions enable you to choose from a vast range of products and treatments, some of which are based on precious extracts of wine and olive oil, for a perfect blend of balance and wellbeing.


Our wellness and beauty treatments include:

• wellness treatments tailored to specific preferences and requirements, and chosen from the solutions offered by our team of professionals;

• ampelotherapy. One of the latest discoveries in the field of natural cosmetics, ampelotherapy draws upon ancient knowledge of the health benefits of grapes and brings it up to date. Grapes have powerful anti-oxidant, smoothing and detoxifying properties, due primarily to the polyphenols contained in their seeds. Bathing in the essences obtained from wine musts, which are rich in polyphenols, followed by an olive-oil massage, will give you a surprising sense of regeneration;

Two wellness circuits are available:

• the “humid area” with bio-saunas (recognised for their beneficial effects on microcirculation and skin purification) and the salt walls (where medicinal salts covering the walls and ceiling unleash their beneficial power through air diffusion systems);

• the Kneipp circuit (a circuit that alternates hot and cold water pools, which effectively stimulate the micro-circulation).